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The DNA microarrays assembly process is automatized and further miniaturized. DNA microarrays are used in the search of various specific genes or in gene polymorphism and expression analysis. They will be widely used to investigate the expression of various genes connected with various diseases in order to find the causes of these diseases and to enable their accurate treatment. Generally, microarray analysis is not only applied for gene expression studies, but also used in immunology, genotyping, diagnostics and sequence analysis.

Additionally, microarray technology being developed and applied to new areas of proteomics, cancer research, and cellular analysis. The study was aimed to assess the results of treatment for fracture-dislocations of the proximal humerus PH within different time frames for optimizing treatment tactics. This retrospective cohort study evaluated clinical outcomes of 25 patients with fracture-dislocations of the PH 15 patients were analyzed for short- and medium-term results, and 10 — for long-term results. The follow-up period ranged from 1 to 9-years.

All patients underwent: clinical examination, constant score assessment and shoulder X-ray examination. Clinical, radiological and statistical methods were used for analysis.

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Patients with displacement no more than 10 mm had an average score of Analysis of the results of treatment showed that the delay in restoring normal anatomy of the PH or avoiding surgical interventions at all led to functional disorders of the shoulder joint. It was also demonstrated that neither patients, nor doctors were satisfied with the outcomes of the unipolar shoulder replacement USR.

Based on the results of the study, we proposed an algorithm for determining the tactics of surgical treatment in cases when a fracture-dislocation of the PH with complete dislocation of the fragment involving the articular surface of the humeral head is diagnosed. The present study demonstrated some factors affecting the outcomes of treatment for fracture-dislocations of the PH.

Current approaches for endoprosthesis replacement in these cases remain debatable and require further investigation. The American diet is nutrient-poor and rich in unhealthy compounds like sodium, sugar, and saturated fats. Whether food has an effect on appearance has not been fully elucidated. The purpose of this prospective, single-armed study was to evaluate the impact of consuming two nutrient-dense functional foods, which are low in salt, sugar, and saturated fats, on hair, skin, and fingernail health.

Both subjective self-reported questionnaires and photographs and objective i. Weekly compliance with nutrient-dense foods, body weight, and quality of life assessment were also recorded. Neither objective measurement of appearance showed significant improvements.

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Subjective measurements using questionnaires specific to hair, skin, and fingernails improved significantly over the 8-week study. Rating of photographs that the participants took of themselves improved significantly over the 8-weeks. These included reduced redness, decreased pore size, and better skin color. Using an acne-rating scale, a significant improvement was observed at week 8 compared to baseline.

The quality of life parameters improved significantly including feeling of well-being, feeling full, having more energy, sleeping better, having less stress, and being more focused. Inclusion of two nutrient-rich, functional foods in the diet improved the appearance of hair, skin, and fingernails. These foods were well-received and easy-to-prepare, leading to excellent compliance with the dietary protocol.

Bystanders are an integral part of an emergency scene. Their presence on site makes them the immediate potential responders, who can provide life-saving assistance as well as various rescue actions. Research has shown that bystanders are willing to and are capable of helping, especially but not limited to when a leader emerges, as the help is rooted in a collective action. In this article, we suggest a new framework for understanding the effectiveness of bystanders help, based on the evolving social process between bystanders and first responders.

As we show, the transition from no help, at the very first moment right after the emergency has occurred, to an effective coordinated response where first responders and bystanders act together, goes through engagement of bystanders. Further, first responders should acknowledge the social organization of bystanders, utilize and leverage it in order to optimize their efforts. This framework has important insights for policy makers when managing emergency and disaster situations with limited resources.

This case documents the treatment of a middle-aged woman with chronic, unresponsive adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder using manipulation, active release therapy, and electronic acupuncture. She had not responded to typical physical therapy but did respond to active release therapy along with adjunctive manipulation and acupuncture.

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In our course of treatment we wanted to see if we could significantly improve pain-free range of motion and normal; function without using invasive treatments like surgery and manipulation under anesthesia. Over a course of five weeks, using a soft tissue manipulation technique known as active release technique along with electrified acupuncture and home exercises, we were able to increase her range of motion to near normal and her function to normal. She was not forced to miss any work because of the treatment and can now do all the things she needs to do for work. Frozen shoulder; Adhesive capsulitis; Manipulation; Active release therapy; Non-invasive treatment.

This essay has emerged through my research engagements with life history as a research method in anthropology. It is based on the life events of a woman artist. Some of the queries addressed are, how do external forces shape the creativity of female artists. Also, how do creative women respond to such forces? Creative women, then, have a unique relationship to their cultural contexts, as well as to the creative genre to which they respond. This essay also delves into myths related to insanity and women.

It discusses creativity, as a mode of engagement with rigid social structures. To evaluate the immunogenicity of a recombinant protein D from Haemophilus Influenzae Hi and the functional activities of the induced protein D antibodies in a mouse model. The functional activity of the immune sera was evaluated in vitro using bactericidal assay against typeable Hi serotype b Hib and non-typeable Hi NTHi clinical isolates and in vivo using an infant rat bacteraemia model and a Hib clinical isolate.

A dose-dependent IgG response was induced in mice immunised with the recombinant protein D and this response was further increased by the adjuvants used [CPG, AlPO4 and Al OH 3], with the latter showing the greatest effect on the antibody response. Immune sera were very effective in bactericidal assay against several Hib and NTHi clinical isolates, with a higher serum bactericidal titre against the NTHi than against the Hib isolates. This is possibly due to the lower expression of protein D on the Hib isolates used in our study, compared to the NTHi isolates.

In addition, anti-protein D antibodies were partially protective in vivo infant rat bacteraemia model against a challenge with Hib Eagan strain. Our results suggest that recombinant protein D is a good vaccine candidate against Hi and should be given in combination with other vaccine candidates to ensure complete protection against Hib and NTHi.

Haemophilus influenzae Hi ; Haemophilus influenzae serotype b bacteraemia; Rats. This case report presents the diagnosis of superior mesenteric artery and nutcracker syndromes in a previously fit and well year-old girl. Although these two entities usually occur in isolation, despite their related aetiology, our patient was a rare example of their occurrence together. In this case the duodenal compression of superior mesenteric artery syndrome caused intractable vomiting leading to weight loss, and her nutcracker syndrome caused severe left-sided abdominal pain and microscopic haematuria without renal compromise.

Management of the superior mesenteric artery syndrome can be conservative by increasing the weight of the child which leads to improvement of retroperitoneal fat and hence the angle of the artery. The weight can be improved either by enteral feeds or parenteral nutrition. This conservative management initially helped but not in the long-term as the child started losing weight again. The next step in management is surgery duodenojejunostomy — if the conservative management fails , which the child went through, remarkably improving their symptoms.

Unique difficulties and challenges can arise for rare diseases and orphan disease indications within a clinical trial. Some of the challenges encountered by trials that are working on rare diseases can include recruitment and enrollment. One of the explanations for the challenges that are encountered in rare disease trials is because of the trial design of study, where the investigational product is being compared to the placebo.

This review paper discusses the usage of placebo and when other options could be taken into consideration while creating the protocol, specifically with consideration to rare disease studies. It is essential for the investigators and those designing the protocol to consider alternative options from the standard randomized controlled trial.

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The aim of this paper is to review alternative trial design options. The trial designs discussed in this review paper include crossover trials, single arm studies and historical data, and n-of-1 trials. Recruitment; Enrollment; Placebo controlled; Clinical trials; Rare disease; Crossover trials; Single arm study; Historical data; n-of-1 trials. Perniosis or chilblain pernio is an inflammatory skin disease, typically located on acral skin surfaces secondary to prolonged exposure to cold temperatures and damp conditions.

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This disorder can appear as an idiopathic dermatosis, usually in young women, but occasionally it is associated with diseases such as anorexia, intestinal lymphoma, chronic myelomonocytic leukemia, monoclonal gammopathies, cryoproteinaemia, viral infections, as well as connective tissue diseases, especially lupus, picture that is known as chilblain lupus. We present a case of perniosis associated with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and review the literature. This case report illustrates a challenging case of worsening heart failure in a previously well-compensated patient with unclear etiology.

This case demonstrates the importance of device optimization, as well as electrocardiogram ECG monitoring to elucidate possible causes of acute systolic heart failure. Cardiac resynchronization; cardiac resynchronization therapy CRT ; Systolic heart failure; Lead positioning; Advanced heart failure. Introduction Previous literature has reported ill-effect of ototoxic drug on hearing and balance.

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Present study investigated awareness among medical doctors for the same. Method A total of medical doctors of multiple specialties from Assam, India participated in the present study. A total of 14 questions with Likert Scale based scoring pattern were framed and validated for the present study.

Results Outcome of the present study showed high awareness percentage about side effect ototoxic drugs was obtained, which was a satisfying outcome.

Conclusion While low audiological referral and consultation awareness was identified as an area of concern. Everyday all of us use rechargeable solutions either its smartphones, televisions, or any other electronic devices. Faster streaming of these electronic devices to other external devices may be facilitated through wireless connectivity.

Wireless streaming demands much more battery backup. With advancement of hearing aid technology many features exists in hearing aids which may facilitate better spectral information, improved speech understanding in presence of background noise and thus improving communication and quality of life of the users.

The use of these advanced features often requires continuous uninterrupted power supply. Traditional disposable hearing aid batteries cannot be assured of their performance due to their inopportune time discharge. Recently rechargeable solutions in hearing aids have been discovered that can support long-lasting wireless streaming. Modern day rechargeable batteries are expected to be easy to charge which can last for longer duration with more reliability and durability. Rechargeable as a feature is added on over and boon. Rechargeable battery solutions based on its various benefits may support as boon for environment, hearing aid users and professionals better counseling and more satisfied users.

The aim of this article is to highlight the awareness of these different rechargeable solutions for the users and professionals. In addition mentioning in brief the superiority of Lithium ion battery which is widely accepted in rechargeable hearing aids.

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Keywords Rechargeable hearing aids; Wireless streaming; Batteries for hearing aids; Li-ion batteries. Low serum bicarbonate, with or without an elevated anion gap, can indicate metabolic acidosis. High anion gap metabolic acidosis is due to the unmeasured anions.