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Look up to find the rainbow flag waving at you from the second storey balcony.

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When we arrived we were welcomed immediately by the very attentive staff. We had a choice of seating from high bar stools to low casual lounges. From the balcony we saw the streets below packed with local Singaporeans threading their way through hundreds of brightly lit street stalls displaying a dazzling array of Chinese sweets, foods, and collections of vivid red decorations, envelopes and flowers in preparation for Chinese New Year. This bar is a friendly welcoming venue and has remained a favourite of locals and international visitors for many years.

A short distance away you get three for the price of one. All three bars are located together at 78 Neil Road. Alfred and his partner have created a great product with three bars that complement each other perfectly. All the fun closes down at 3am on Saturday morning and 4am on Sunday morning, so you can really celebrate the end of the working week in style.

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Decorated with posters depicting iconic musicals and located in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, you can just chill out here and soak in the gay nightlife while sipping on some inspired cocktails. Alfred said that Backstage Bar moved across to Neil Road a few years ago to complete a perfect trio of gay bars, providing something to suit all tastes.

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We did not taste the food but from all reports it is innovative, fresh and delicious. A great place to meet friends in an edgy, friendly atmosphere.

1. Barcelona

From high-end restaurants to the buzzing hawker centres, food is the beating heart of the city. Aside from all the eating, there is plenty to keep visitors entertained, from sky-high cable car rides over the city to endless expanses of gleaming shopping malls.

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  5. Travelling to Singapore means a trip full of surprises and adventure, all in a tiny area! With such a modern vibe it is easy to believe that it espouses tolerance towards all sexualities as well, but the attitude towards LGBT rights in Singapore is actually a disappointing one.

    This guide aims to give an overview of the current situation to help LGBT travellers prepare for a trip to Singapore. Much like in India, Singapore retained the law from the British Empire prohibiting sodomy. Unlike in India, Singapore has not made the decision to repeal this law, meaning that under Section A homosexuality remains illegal technically, the law says nothing about same-sex relations between two women.

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    The punishment is two years in prison. While the Attorney General has said that cases are rarely prosecuted if they involve consenting adults in private, he also made a point of highlighting that he still has the legal power to prosecute. Human rights groups and LGBT activists have been pushing to repeal the law for many years and the recent victory in India has given some hope, although the countries are very different.

    There is no recognition for same-sex relationships, adoption is illegal and there are no anti-discrimination laws in place. While many members of the gay community live their lives relatively unmolested, there is always a sense of a hammer waiting to fall. Public opinion has gradually swung towards slightly more tolerance towards same-sex relationships or even gay marriage, although it is still not overwhelmingly in favour.

    While most LGBT people living in Singapore might feel relatively safe , they do not feel comfortable or accepted. With the ban on positive representation in the media, zero education on LGBT issues old-fashioned misconceptions, life can be a struggle for those who come out. The media ban is particularly troubling when you think about the risk of HIV — it is impossible to show condom adverts, for example.

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    The illness still carries a stigma and sufferers have to disclose their information on a database and to their employers. Such confidential data in the public domain could cause huge amounts of damage, considering the discrimination.

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    Pink Dot , the annual gay pride rally, started in and grows year on year. Prominent celebrities have come out and there is hope that this will provide inspiring role models for young gay people in the closet.

    Since transsexuals have had the right to change their legal gender; in a law was quietly passed to allow post-operative trans people to marry. Transgender women have spoken about being assaulted and their jobs put in jeopardy due to transphobia.